Wildfires in Spring: The New Normal In 2018

Wildfires in Oklahoma.  It’s something that could be easily overlooked due to recent war hype in Syria.  200,000 acres and 1,400 evacuated with one dead and 40 spot fires over the past 24 hours.

Now the question I want to pose is “How do 40 spot fires and one out of control wildfire happen in MARCH?!?!”

It’s not natural that’s for sure and far more than could be explained by “Climate Change”.

But if that’s not enough there are 2 forest fires in B.C. CANADA at the moment and one of them started in March!

Here is a live feed from Canada

In Canada, spring runoff hasn’t even started in earnest yet.  I can smell the smoke but I can hit a snowline driving less than 15 KM from my house if I drive up the dirt road out of town.

Check out Geoengineeringwatch.org to discover more and start talking about it.  Sure, WW3 could be around the corner, but my sense is if it doesn’t start this time in Syria, then it was a cover-up of more important events.

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