What is the Best Home Air Purifier in the World?

1. The IQ Air Pre Filter is actually a Hepa filter that is better than a lot of Hepa filters out there.

2. Powerful motor sits above it

3. The V-5 Charcoal filter eliminates gases and Volatile organic compounds often found indoors due to cooking and off gassing from new furniture and plastics.

4. The Hyper Hepa filter polishes the air to a degree that no other filters on the market can match.


What is the best home air purifier in the world? … Here’s a hint… It’s the IQ Air.  Hands down, any standalone model of IQ Air is the best home air purifier in terms of complete air cleaning ability.

Here’s why:

If you are following the nanoparticle pollution in the air, and have been convinced by the evidence about geoengineering, you will, like me, feel that air filtration and in particular, an IQ Air is a must have for everyone.

Aside from that, it really depends on what you want are looking for in an air filter. I would say for me, they are worth every penny just for the (now annual) forest fire smoke season. I have two IQ Airs and would be happy with one or two more.

The reason they are the best and why no competitor can touch them has to do with the patented “Hyper HEPA filter” IQ Air invented. No other filter, even others that rival it in price, can filter particles as small. This is really important to a lot of people who have the greatest sensitivities or who have medical conditions. Of course for healthy people who just want the best and the absolute cleanest air guaranteed, the IQ Air should be your first choice. For allergies and general air cleaning the Health Pro Plus model is probably going to be more than enough. If you have multiple chemical sensitivities, IQ Air offers the GC MultiGas with much larger chemical filters. But what distinguishes all IQ air filters from everyone else is the Hyper Hepa Filter.

The single thing distinguishes the IQ air from ALL other filters is that it filters the smallest particles.

The highest standard HEPA filter in a well-built high-end filter system will filter particles as small as 0.3 microns and that is very small. For a lot of people that is good enough….much better than a non-HEPA filter. The IQ Air Hyper HEPA Filter will filter particles down to 0.003 microns. That is 100 times smaller and is as small as a particle can get.

As I mentioned earlier, this filter is patented so no other HEPA air filter on the market can filter as completely. It is the single thing that distinguishes it from ALL other high end filters.

For me, the concern with air pollution is not just with general air pollution we are all aware of but with the new Nanotechnology that we have suddenly been surrounded within recent years. We are not really told much about it in the news and that makes me suspicious. Why? Because it is in almost everything now. From clothes to paints, to plant food and food packaging, even to the stratospheric solar radiation management you can see being sprayed out of planes that make the clouds every day. Nanotech or Nano-sized heavy metals are everywhere. There really is no way to know just how much there is in the air column and the corporate media isn’t going to tell us any time soon. I suspect that we won’t really know the truth until somehow it goes viral in some way. Like DDT and Asbestos, it will be around for years before anyone notices. Too late for many who will be damaged or killed by it.

Seal the Deal

One other thing that distinguishes the IQ Air from most other air purifiers is that it has an airtight seal around the filters themselves. If you are like me you won’t have considered this to be a very big deal but after looking into it I found the seal was what separated most cheaper or poorly designed HEPA air purifiers from the higher quality ones that usually run well into the $500 range in price and beyond.

Of course, it almost goes without saying that even other HEPA air purifiers that leak are going to be surprisingly inadequate. Almost like not having an air filter at all. If you have a leak around the air filter then you are not going to have completely clean air….ever…..no matter how high a setting or how long you run the machine.
With the IQ Air guarantee of quality (each one individually tested and signed by the tester) and warranties, I was impressed from the moment I got my first one and after 10 years have never regretted my purchase.

If you are serious about air purification, don’t even bother with a system that does not include HEPA filtration. No matter what kind of fancy name they give for their filtration system or filters, they won’t be as good if they don’t at least claim HEPA filtration. If you want a guarantee that surpasses even the best HEPA filter systems, then I would say don’t waste any time on other HEPA filters and just go directly to the IQ Air series.

The air you breath is important and the IQ air is the best and most thorough air cleaner in the world period.

Sure, it’s pricey, but they are the best and they know it so they can charge like that. Having said that though,  as I said, I have never regretted my purchase in the 10 years since I bought my first one. That is because every day I breathe all day long and every day I feel good that it is there in the corner cleaning out particles that would have ended up in my lungs.  Back then it was about $100 cheaper. (The price won’t ever go down on these). Don’t wait for a sale as they are like Apple products that way. I’ve never seen a ‘sale’ on them.  They have payment plans available.


For home and allergy sufferers: Choose the Health Pro, Health Pro Plus or Health Pro Compact model.

Price: $999.00 to $1149.00

For Multiple chemical sensitivities: Choose the GC Multi Gas.

Price: $1649.00

What I’m doing now:

Just to make this review perfectly balanced I will weigh in with one concern I have with the IQ Air systems.

There are some people who have complained that the IQ air V-5 charcoal filter emits an odor. Some notice it and others don’t.

I notice it. I find it odd that a filter that is supposed to get rid of odors actually emits an odor itself! The smell is so annoying that I only put the filter in when there is a serious gas situation in the house. When someone burns something on the stove or during forest fire season when the air is thick with smoke I have found that the V-5 filter will not only get rid of all smoke and all associated odors and gases in amazing time, but the odor of the filter itself goes away at those times. So it seems to me that there really has to be something substantial in the air for the V-5 filter to work. In other words, the filter has to be working on some odor otherwise it will emit an odor of its own.

I have seen that IQ Air says the filter is impregnated with Alumina, and since nano particulates are something I have enough suspicions about already, I don’t like the idea of additives in my charcoal filter even if it makes it more effective somehow. Now to be clear, the V-5 Filter will get rid of odors and gases in the most incredible way (just as the video shows), my concern is with the odor it emits when there is no significant amount of gas or odor in the air.

There is an option of just getting the Health Pro or Health Pro Compact models instead of the Health Pro Plus or the GC Multi-gas which is cheaper and more compact if you are only concerned with filtering particulates since it leaves out the V-5 Filter. My next IQ air is going to be a Health Pro Compact without the V-5 filter and I will search for a separate charcoal air filter to use in conjunction with the IQ Air.

Health Pro Compact

I really hope IQ air fixes this problem but since a minority of people even notice it, I doubt they will.  They don’t have to do anything to sell their filters because as I said, they are the best and they know it, they have no motivation to change the design OR lower their prices.



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8 thoughts on “What is the Best Home Air Purifier in the World?”

  1. You have obviously spent a lot of time considering this gordo,

    Would these also be a brilliant addition to a doomsday bunker?
    To filter out all the nasty toxin from the outside air before it is injected into a living chamber for example.
    How many units you need to service two 40 foot shipping containers?

    1. I’ll leave this copy and paste since I know you are an engineer and can do the calc and tell me how many for a container lol:
      The number of air changes per hour (ACH) produced by an IQAir system in a specific environment are calculated as
      hourly air delivery of the IQAir system (cfm = cubic feet per minute) x 60
      = air changes per hour (ACH)
      air volume of the room (cu.ft.) (L x W x H)
      Note: The air delivery rates of the IQAir system at the various fan speeds settings are listed on the Technical
      Specifications sheet found at the back of this manual or visit http://www.iqair.com/support.
      Example calculation: A room with the dimensions of 13 x 14 x 8 ft. has an air volume of 1,456 cu.ft. With an air
      delivery rate of 140 cfm, the room air volume will be circulated over 5.7 times per hour by the
      IQAir system (140 cfm = 140 x 60 min = 8,400 cu.ft/h; 8,400 cu.ft/h ÷ 1,456 cu.ft = 5.77 ACH).

      Having said that, I think there are some other considerations to make that I may add to the article (thanks for the reminder)….you may have to estimate the amount of time you will be in the container and if it is air tight. Either way I would say you need an air intake for fresh air. Spmething like the In Flow W125 attachment or something you can rig up for the purpose depending on what is out there. Even if it is nuclear fall out you are going to need fresh air eventually. Thanks for commenting that one made me think!

      1. thanks gord,
        I am getting nasty flashbacks to the time that I got stuck underground in a nickel mine I was working at.
        1600m underground in a fresh air base. Which is an airtight fibreglass chamber stuffed full of oxygen bottles and radios.
        The only thing scarier than that was the climb up the set of vertical ladders after to get back to surface.
        I have got the graduate working on the calc, I am too old for that stuff.

        1. haha well, I imagine if you had just one for a container and had the intake working, it would create a constant positive air pressure and you wouldn’t need more. That’s just my guess.

  2. I’ve been looking at getting an air filter for my house, but keep going back and forth about it. They can be expensive to begin with and then I’ve heard stories from people on how expensive the filters are to replace. (It makes me think of printers and how expensive the print cartridges are to replace – that’s where they get you – haha.)

    You have definitely gone to a lot of work to research the best ones on the market. It sounds like it would be a much better way to breathe at home with fresh, clean air. I live in Phoenix, Arizona where there are a lot of dust storms and smog. The haze seems to linger in the air and I know I’m breathing it in. I think an air filter for my house is the way to go.

    would you recommend getting a smaller one for each room? Or just a large one that filters the entire house? Thanks for your help and recommendation!

    1. haha ya and they really rake you over the coals for the filter replacements.  And you are right it is EXACTLY like the printer stuff.  However, I would caution about air filters that claim to be washable like ionic plate or what have you that you are supposed to be able to just wipe clean.  Sure you can see dust on them and wipe them off but they in no way come close to a HEPA filter.  and no HEPAs come close to the IQ Air. Hyper HEPA filter in particulate.  I would say that if you go for the Compact model, then you will have to source a carbon filter separately for VOC’s.

      I know Arizona is a little like where I live in Canada, would you believe there are desserts in Canada?  There are lol.  So it is dusty where I am.  But it seems to me there are some very aware people in Arizona as there are in a place called Mt, Shasta California, where ordinary citizens were among the first to raise concerns about arisol spraying and heavy metals as well as gasses like aerosolized Mercury.  Cali and Arizona, have been and are being hit extra hard every day.  I don’t exactly know why.  However, listen carefully to this video.  I know it’s long but you can see by the end of it, the EPA is not testing for some very serious things just so they can say the air ‘meets standards”  and there are some people in Arizona who are getting very sick and mad as they should be.  In the mean time don’t count on things changing so get the best air filter you can that filters to nano size particles at least (particles you cannot see) AND get a good carbon filter.  I am researching and hope to publish an article here on good carbon options in future.  Follow me on a social media button of your choice and all new articles I do will be posted there.  Thanks for commenting and don’t hesitate to come back with any questions or issues you might be having regarding the air and water in AZ.  I’ve never been there but I know similar things are going on where I live. 

  3. My sister has two daughters and she worries about the air quality they breathe. She got a small one for her home, but it is nothing substantial and does only little. It is minimal compared to what she really needs.

    I do have a question though. When the air turns bad outside, what is the best mask she can put on her children? Thank you in advance and I hope you have a wonderful day!

    1. Cambridge Mask Company will have children’s sizes..  They are British military grade filters plus have carbon filters for gas.  They come in different colors and sizes.  Thanks for asking, the kids will benefit from the having protection.

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