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There are a number of different ‘theories’ you will hear about why UV is increasing.  Some are based in science, some are based in paranoia, some are paid distractions.  All could be true.  But for you and I right now, the most important thing to keep in mind is that UV IS RISING and UV sun hats are going to be more and more popular as time goes on.

Not only is UV rising alarmingly at dangerous wavelengths, it is not going to be on the news so don’t wait for any groundswell of awareness to keep reminding you to get a hat.  The best we can do is quietly cover up.  I personally don’t subscribe to the idea that sunscreens are good for us, in fact, I think it’s possible they cause as much if not more damage than they prevent.  But the good news is that more and more manufacturers are making clothes specifically for UV protection.

The solution for me is pretty easy, and that is just to cover up with clothing.  What is needed is to block UVA, UVB and even UVC with fabric that is dense enough or has a tight enough weave to block the rays.  Any thick clothing will do.  Denim is apparently really good at blocking UV.  However, when out in the summer sun we don’t want to be wearing jeans or anything heavy which means a lighter fabric with a tighter weave that doesn’t stretch easily.

Here are a couple of hats I found that I really like.  My son has gotten severe sunburns on the back of his neck in the past and that is what turned me on to hats with more coverage.  The ‘veil’ or ‘shroud’ will be getting more common and could also come in handy for more ‘stylishly’ covering an air filter mask if you choose to use one.

Of course, the primary thing about a UV protection hat for a bug out bag is going to be lightness and packability.

Product:  LC-dolida Summer Men Women Safari Visor Hat with Neck Flap

Price: $11.99

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Weight: 191 Grams

*Note: The nicest thing about this hat is that it can be worn as a visor.  For women, the brim is much wider and offers more coverage (like a bonnet), and the men’s has a more baseball hat look.

For Fishing and Water

Something I learned from flyfishing is that the underside of the bill should be dark or black.  And it should be as long as possible.  When used with good polarized glasses an oversized bill that is dark underneath reduces light bouncing off the water and down off the brim into your eyes which increases your ability to see into the water.  It stands to reason that a dark brim will also help reduce glare on roads when driving and from the ground in general.  These hats are hard to find but the Glacier Outdoor Long Bill Cap fits the bill…(pardon the pun).

Product:  Glacier Outdoor Long Bill Cap (Khaki)

Price: $18.61

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Weight: 91 grams

Best All Around Deal

Product: Oak-Pine Men Women Multifunction Outdoor Folding Hat (UPF50+)

Price: $9.99

Cheapest Place to Buy:  Amazon.com

Weight: 41 grams

For me, this is the cheapest and lightest UPF 50 Hat I could find.  It has a removable shroud or veil and protects the neck too.  It comes in lighter colors but if you are looking for less glare from underneath, you can opt for a darker hat though it will be hotter all around.  The only thing this hat does not have is a longer bill that I prefer.  For general purpose bug out bag, though I’ll pick up a few of these for me and the kids.  I’ll get them now to try and get end of season lower prices for next year.

2 thoughts on “UV Sun Hats”

  1. Great information for all who enjoy the outdoors! It is of special interest to me the harmful effects of sunscreen lotions. No way all those chemicals can do any good!!! I did not know this UV protection alternative exists. The prices seem pretty reasonable… I would have thought something like a UV protection hat would cost way more.

    1. I’m trying to find low-cost solutions, but it is true, UV protective clothing hasn’t reached a really high profile in the market yet so I suspect prices will be low until they become a ‘must have’ item. In future articles, I will be reviewing other UV clothing items that are starting to have name recognition and so are getting pricier but still not too bad:)

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