UV Protection Sunglasses: Because the Future is Dim?


Why get Sunglasses if the Sun is Getting Dimmer?

Yes, it does seem like a contradiction, but let me explain.  In essence, there is less visible light coming through the atmosphere (over 20% dimmer since the 50s), but some of the less visible light, known as Ultra Violet UV and Infrared IR that actually heat things, may be increasing.  Here is a bit of a primer on Global Dimming:

Documentary on Global Dimming:

Are We Being Lied To?

UV Sunglasses: Because the Future is Dim?
UV levels are rising to the point the UVC, previously unheard of entering the atmosphere is now being measured on the ground.

Could it be that the EPA and other regulatory agencies that are supposed to be protecting us are not telling us the whole story?  Could they even be covering up some issues in the environment?

Dane Wigington from Geoengineeringwatch.org seems to think so.  In fact, he has organized an effort to take the US and the Canadian governments to court about it.  He thinks he has the proof that we are being lied to.

One day he was trying to figure out why his solar panels weren’t generating as much power as he thought they should and that was when he noticed the streaks in the sky.  Which led to his investigation of what was going on in the sky and the subsequent campaign that has taken up his entire life.  He says he has pretty much spent all his retirement money now.  He produces and funds a weekly radio program and has bought pallets and pallets of DVDs about Geoengineering and Vaxxed as well as Architects and Engineers for 911 investigation, and given them away at the health food store in Redding California.  the man is obsessed but he is no slouch either.

Anyway, even though I’ve shared this elsewhere, I thought I would share again some of his thoughts and findings as I think he deserves to be heard.  He has literally given up everything to inform us of the dangers he sees.  If anyone can measure UV I figure he can:


I don’t think he says it here but people are measuring UVC now and there is nothing about it on the news.  However, I do think it is curious that most sunglasses manufacturers won’t even talk about UVC since it is thought to be completely blocked by the ozone layer.  In other words, most people don’t think it exists as a concern.  But it is curious that there are sunscreens that are now being advertised as blocking UVC.

While it is curious why they would make a sunscreen for a UV wavelength that supposedly doesn’t reach the earth (UVC), the main point of confusion was resolved for me when I learned that UVC, while it is incredibly damaging, does only reach surface levels and can be blocked fairly easily.  However, not blocking it can cause immense damage to skin and eyes at the very least.

How to Rate Sunglasses

UVC can go through water and glass though, so make sure that sunglasses you choose to wear are rated the highest for UVA and UVB because if UVC is coming through, we are past the highest levels of UVA and UVB.  That means getting glasses that are rated UV400.  UV400 sunglasses will block 100% of UVA and UVB.  I would also always recommend getting them polarized and hope the UVC gets blocked too.

There are some protective glasses that claim to block UVC.  They do come in some very stylish frames now though so I will update when I find out more about them as well as if anyone makes coatings for prescriptions, which is something I need.

UV Protection For the Car

If you have to spend any time in the car commuting you might want to look into window tinting.  But as with all things, there are better and worse products.  And depending on where you live there will be laws governing the amount of tint you can have on a car and in which windows they can be installed on.  Where I live, for example, only the back and back side windows can be tinted.  None of the front windows are allowed tint.

One way to overcome this is with a 3M product called Crystalline tint. Crystalline is pretty much clear but it is expensive….really expensive.  I just got an estimate and for the two front side windows alone, the local auto detailer sent me a quote for $300!!!  But I think it may be the price we may need to pay for protection in the front seats if the UV has gotten that bad.One side benefit of having UV protected windows on the car or your home is that the upholstery will last a lot longer.

One side benefit of having UV protected windows on the car or your home is that the upholstery will last a lot longer.  That is why most people get UV tinting but really they should be thinking about their health and the price could be worth it.

I don’t personally have the measuring instruments to confirm the UV levels myself, but I do feel that the sun is hotter than in past years and that is enough confirmation for me.  I recently had a chance to spend some time at a Canada post processing center where I saw a lot of posties walking around looking like their skin was prematurely aging.  It could have been that they were actually old but delivering mail does tend to be a younger persons’ job.  And the people who were clearly young very often appeared beet red.  That was pretty alarming to me.  I wouldn’t recommend being a postal carrier in this day and age.  But it does really speak to why we may not be hearing about the amounts of UV coming down as there would need to be protections put in place for workers in the sun.  The postal union in Canada I know would have a fit.  We would be seeing all kinds of umbrellas and protective clothing demanded which would cost the company.  Not to mention the decreased working hours, etc that would be and should be demanded if the Ministry of the Environment came out with alarming UV measurements.  But that is not even counting exposure to the nano particulates in the air outside that they may also not be counting.



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