The Real Reason for Current California Wildfires


Somehow we are paralyzed.  Unable to wrap our heads around the simple idea that something so massive is coming.  It’s something more massive than even our oldest history books can remember.  Maybe that’s why no one notices the clouds don’t look like they used to.  History, even within living memory then, must be denied lest the true extent of the horror is revealed: the real reason for current California wildfires is about deliberate human intervention.

A longer, more detailed discussion

Better to rant about the safe things like National Security.  Military interests vs other countries and other socially endorsed topics of criticism.

There is Something in the Air

Rant about Trump, or the Russians or N Korea, sports, bathrooms, but whatever you do don’t look up at the clouds.  Don’t ask what those whispy cobweb type blobs and streaks in the sky are.  Because if you do just one Google search you will find undeniable evidence of what those ‘clouds’ are made of.

They are made of particles (nanoparticles) of heavy metals that are not only making every biological creature on the planet sick and rendering many already extinct, they are a desiccant that is readily taken up by the root systems of the trees.  Once there they act like a fire accelerant in the forest.  Not just in California mind you.  It’s happening right across the globe.

But we all know somehow, there may be things that are too big to complain about without being branded a “conspiracy theorist”  by friends, co-workers, and family.  Better to just sigh helplessly and mutter “global warming”.  The ‘safe’ thing to blame.

Sure Global Warming is a cause of the worsening weather patterns we have been seeing the past few years, but then it is not the only nor is it even the biggest cause of what we are seeing.

Someone or some system is trying to modify the atmosphere.  That’s the bottom line.  Why it is happening is up for educated guesses and some are better than others but there is no doubt there are now heavy metals in the air column right from the Ozone layer right down to the soles of our shoes.  that is really the only thing we know for sure.  And these metals are EVERYWHERE.  Even on the formerly pristine mountains of Mount Shasta.

Mangels isn’t the only one finding Aluminum in rain and soil and trees.  People everywhere are taking samples into local labs and getting independent testing done.  You can too.  Don’t believe anything I or anyone else says.  Do your own testing even if you don’t live in California I am sure you will find similar results.

But what does this have to do with the forest fires raging across California and the entire west coast of North America?  It has to do with how the nano-sized particles are drying everything out at the very least.  But in the case of aluminum when mixed with an oxide like rust, for example, makes for an even hotter than woodfires issue called Thermite.

But the aluminum falling from the skies isn’t just any old aluminum.  It is NANO sized Aluminum and that makes for something down right explosive.

If you Google Nano-Thermite you will open a whole other can of worms with regards to theories about how the Twin Towers had Nano-Thermite particles mixed in dust found in the area.

But I really don’t want to get into that now.  The point is that the aluminum in the air and eventually that settles into the trees and soil is incredibly incendiary in the forests.  And that is the real reason for the current wildfires in California.  Honestly investigate further.  You don’t have to be a genius PhD, you just have to be brave about what you see.  It’s a matter of survival that we all do that now.

Yell Like Hell About It

I really feel like its time that people generate a mass momentum movement against whoever or whatever organization is controlling this program of what is going to end in complete annihilation, because unlike “Global Warming”  this stuff in the air CAN be stopped if enough people in the chain of command and in popular culture realize it has to stop.  If it doesn’t there will be nothing left.  But before then there will be a whole lot of indescribable suffering.

Talk about it openly and bravely to everyone you know, with like-minded individuals and those who disagree, and soon enough it will become acceptable to talk about it openly and then maybe….just maybe….it can be stopped in time.

In the meantime, protect yourself and your family with good quality air filters, because the smoke we experience from the wildfires doesn’t just contain wood smoke.  There are toxic heavy metals being burned in there too.  A good carbon filter in combination with HEPA filtration is the best possible option for your air quality and just the beginning of what you will need to do to survive.

Aluminum is a known cause of Alziemers and dementia which are now epidemic.  30-year-olds are getting it now and in fact, all our brains are getting turned into Swiss cheese by the aluminum in the environment.  Those aluminum pots and pans you used to worry about?  They are nothing compared to what you are breathing today.

In the meantime, if you are in a fire zone now, try to get to a better area, but you can’t, try to get air filters for the house, masks for when you go out and stay hydrated.  This won’t be that last we see of the fires along the West Coast.  The season isn’t over and it will be as bad and more likely worse next year.


4 thoughts on “The Real Reason for Current California Wildfires”

  1. When I first came across this and started to read it, I thought you might be a kooky conspiracist. As I read, I saw a lot that makes perfect sense. The facts you cite, that aluminum is being found in soil is downright frightening. I like your commonsense advice about self-protection with filters! Thank you.

    1. Thanks for being brave enough to comment Annie.  I know you won’t be the only one to think this is crazy conspiracy stuff.  I always tell people if they want to prove me one way or the other is to spend a few dollars to take a rain sample to an independent lab themselves ….no matter where they live in the world but especially California.  It’s not that much really if you just test for one or two things like Aluminum.  After that the hard part will be figuring out how to tell everyone you know about it without being called a conspiracy theorist haha.  The other way is to go to and look at the evidence amassed by Dane Wigington.

  2. As an environmental scientist, I would love to take some of my own samples of aluminum in California. I’m actually moving to the Bay Area in a couple of weeks. It’s a scary prospect if this is coming from humans (Military-Industrial complex) themselves. What would be their motive and how would it benefit them? I’m still a bit skeptical because there is so much background pollution already present in our soil, air, and water, but I’ll keep an open mind because there is so much chaos happening this year. On the other hand, we can’t absolutely rule out the effects of climate change. Increased drought and flooding are direct consequences of increasing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Interesting article though. I’m a fan of always asking questions on the status quo!

    1. I agree.  There is no doubt in my mind that climate change and pollution is a contributor, but the key idea is that it may not be the only contributor.  Also it may not be just a contributor but the ‘excuse’ for doing it.  (Youtube Stephen Cobert David Keith for a hilarious but terrifying interview).  Geoengineers and politicians have been saying they want to do it for years, but have only recently started saying they are going to start and more recently saying they have started.  The only thing they have left out is that they have been doing it for years to slow global warming.  But there are many different reasons why it would be done not the least of which is money. (of course).  Who is getting rich off this?  But also by making the air highly conductive there are many military advantages in terms of detecting incoming missiles as if there ever would be any AKA the STAR WARS program initiated by Reagan in the 80’s during the cold war.  From N Korea?  hahaha. please….lol.  They just say that on military owned TV so they can justify spraying the air so someone can get rich off government contracts.  But there are more suspects like Monsanto who apparently have a patent for aluminum resistant crops….hmmmm.  Maybe they are just accomplices.  Any company that would tell US troops that Agent Orange they made was safe wouldn’t care much about the fallout from aluminum in the air.  But there are many more interests that could be served by this whole thing, yet going down that road can get you labelled a conspiracy nut.  As I’ve said in my landing page article.  It doesn’t really matter why they are doing this.  The only thing that is important at this stage off the game is establishing that it is happening.  I always tell people that to prove it one way or another the only way is to take your own rain sample to an independent lab of your choosing and then pay the nominal amount to get it tested. After that its not about conjecture of who or why but that it is happening (the biggest hurdle IMO).  I’m so glad you are open minded enough to do the testing when you get to San Fransisco.  Please let me know what your results are and send them to Geoengineeringwatch if you can as they are collecting test results from as many individuals as they can.  Here is the link on how to send a copy of the results to them..  Anyway, thank you for commenting and being open minded enough to do some testing and further investigation!  Everybody should be doing it.

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