The Bug Out Bag

I suspect there are an increasing number of people who, having once scoffed at tin foil hat wearing preppers, are now seriously wondering how they should get ready in the wake of so many recent natural and unnatural disasters.  I know I am.  That’s the reason I made this site.

Unlike a lot of survival sites, I don’t only foresee abrupt disasters but bigger, slow-moving and overarching crises in the probable future.  Yes, there is a need to prepare for abrupt emergencies like flood, hurricane, earthquake, (those are increasing for sure) but something I’ve noticed that hardly anyone is addressing is the global and atmospheric disaster that is unfolding now.  This is made up of a whole gambit of smaller, seemingly unrelated disasters that have been happening and are happening now.  The earthquakes and storms are just part of a much greater unfolding.

Chronic and Acute

I list disaster or emergency the way that medical conditions can be categorized as “acute”  and “chronic” or “terminal”.  Medicine and the miracle of medicine is great for treating broken limbs, flesh wounds, and trauma (“acute”).  It’s saved a lot of lives and some would argue made modern civilization possible.  On the other hand, medicine today seems baffled when facing chronic illnesses like cancer, Alzheimers, arthritis.  ‘Chronic” illnesses are slow moving but in the end, more often than not, terminal.  And the number of cases is increasing.

Today humans can deal with abrupt emergencies like weather-related disasters much better than in the past (in fact we can control it) but we seem to be at a loss for understanding the chronic thing we are presently facing.  The forests are dying (if you are reading this now you will likely see the last of the natural non-GMO trees in your lifetime).  The insects are dying.  Society seems to be suffering from a kind of strange malaise and lack of concern.  The Pacific is dying yet no one seems alarmed.

The Bugout bag proper is a case of dealing with ‘acute’ disaster.  But this site will extend to more than that because it is the chronic world condition that is going to get us in the end, and could get us before any obvious disaster hits, no matter how prepared we are.

A lot of it is being blamed on the general catch-all concept of “global warming” as the big chronic thing.  I won’t argue that global warming is not happening.  It is and it’s going to affect every one of us, but I will argue that it’s not the only thing happening.  Something else is going on and to my mind, without knowing what the complete big picture is, you won’t be able to pack a bug out bag well or accurately predict what is coming.

Something Big is in the Air

It doesn’t take an expert to see that something big is in the air.  There is nothing special about me except a willingness to research and talk about things that most of society would rather not look at.

Take a look at the sky for example.  Anyone with eyes to see can tell that clouds today don’t look the same as they did 20 years ago.  All you need is to be old enough to tell the difference.  Maybe you can remember extreme weather (as in weather that destroys countries) only used to happen in ‘other’ countries.  Drought only happened in Africa.  Now it’s happening in California.  Trees are dying on mass and the wildfire ‘season’ that we used to have didn’t happen everywhere reaching from Spring right into the Fall.  Smoke from the fires didn’t affect us every year in the cities and towns like clockwork.  Kids don’t play outside all day long like they used to.  The sun is too intense.

Something like a ‘chronic’  illness seems to have struck the world, but it’s come on so slowly we’ve grown accustomed to the aches and pains of dealing with those ‘acute’ disasters even as they come with more and more frequency.  We might not even be cognizant enough to notice when we reach the end of a ‘chronic’ terminal decline when we get there.  There are those who would claim we’re there now.  Have you noticed?  Have you wondered?

The sudden stuff along the way is going to be nothing compared to the end, and in a sense, the end is what we should really fear.

Over the past several years, terror events like mass shootings started to appear to follow scripts that repeated in themes over and over.  The news is less credible and everybody knows it but everybody believes it.  We seem to be being conditioned to accept higher and higher levels of chaos and lies, as more and more people are dying all around us from strange and sudden respiratory illnesses and other diseases like Alzheimer’s, dementia and cancer.

For years I thought we were just being deliberately terrorized by fantastical news events in order to prompt us to support more and more dictatorial control over our lives and I still think that is true but recently I think certain events are occurring that may be going on outside the control of even tyrannical governments and corporations.  They are unimaginable to most people because they have never, ever in human history happened before and because we are continually being distracted from really looking at things by false news.

There is no doubt that in the years to come many will have to relocate in an emergency situation.  They will have to run the gambit, become homeless, and bug out to the woods or to the cites.  We don’t know exactly who it will be, where or when those events will occur exactly, but they will be acute symptoms of a larger chronic problem that could end ALL life on the planet eventually with a final bang.

Because of tampering in the atmosphere (Geoengineering) alone, there are people who estimate the earth’s life support system only has about 8 years left.  After that nothing will survive.  That’s the big picture.  And no matter how terrifying the thought may seem, those who make this claim bring enough very convincing evidence to prove it that I can only hope they are wrong.  But like I said, there are signs that we can all confirm ourselves as individuals that the possibility it is unfolding now is very real.  You don’t have to be an expert or a genius or fabulously rich to see it (or do or say something about it).  Besides the sky though, here are some other signs that something is in the air.

  • Dementia and Alziemers, Leading Cause of Death in England and Wales
  • Autism rates have gone from 1 in 2,500 (some say 1 in 5,000) in 1975 to 1 in 68 (according to the CDC but according to a national parent survey the rate is 1 in 42) as of 2015.  A recent MIT study claimed that Autism would be at 1 in every 2 children by 2025.
  • Another statistic you will not see and is very hard to find is the rise in morbidity due to respiratory illness.  It used to be #8 a few years ago.  Now I think its #2 or #3…and that has accompanied the declining and lowest smoking rates ever.
  • The morbidity of white men has grown while it has decreased for everyone else.  Now the reason I think this portends something very big is that white men are in fact favored, supported, and coddled in society (let’s face it).  So when white men start dying faster than everyone else there is something big that has changed somewhere.  Now whether you think this is right or wrong, or “it’s about time”, the fact this change has occurred tells me something has changed at a very nuts and bolts level.  At a level bigger than society.  Many will not be able to accept this has happened as it has always been true like the trees and oceans and fish will always be there ….”white men are always president” and so will not be able to see any changes just as they do not see the sixth great mass extinction occurring now.  No one noticed the frogs that went extinct and if it happens to white men I wonder if anyone will notice.  Anyway….
  • The polar ice caps are melting a faster rate than we are being told.  This year we saw the first tanker to ever cross the arctic without an icebreaker.  The methane that is trapped by ice in the polar region contains enough to blow us to smithereens and as a greenhouse gas, makes carbon dioxide look like a helium balloon from a day at the circus by comparison.
  • Fukushima is spewing radioactive particles into the ocean, we know, but it is also going into the air and that air is EVERYWHERE.  But we are being told nothing about it at least compared to how much we are being told about sports scores.  And literally, we are being told NOTHING about other nuclear radiation issues occurring right now or how to survive the millions of cancer and other related deaths that will be coming over the next 10 years.

And if it’s in the air, it’s in the water, and if it’s in the water, it’s in the food.

A Thief in The Night….

They said it in the Bible.  The end will come like “a thief in the night”.  I suspect that much is true if the end of the world does happen.  Which means that all those guys out there armed to the teeth in their basement bunkers ready to defend their cache of canned beans are going to have to be surprised by the apocalypse in another way.

They won’t be surprised when the earthquake comes or the tsunami, or the looters or when the government comes knocking, but as far as the big thing happening now?  Well, they could still be waving their Trump cards around when they die from a chronic disease or slowly go insane before they fire a single shot.

The Chronic is the ‘Big Thing’ but there will be smaller events along the way.

The idea for this website is to log and share my small efforts to help you survive as long as possible between now and say, 8 to 10 years from now just because that is the shortest and most alarming estimate of the probable time the world has left.  That is the timeline I’ve decided to schedule myself around anyway.  It motivates me.  However, I do believe there is a chance that the world may survive, but whether it does or doesn’t there are going to be hard times coming over the next few years.  Preparing to make it through those hard times despite the overarching threat of a collapse of the Earth’s life support systems, is my act of hope.  It should be yours too. The ‘big thing’, if we are unable to stop it, will come quickly but slowly enough in bits and pieces, that most people won’t feel the need to do anything about it until it becomes obvious and too late.  I will talk more about that later, for now, let’s talk about why it’s all happening.  In fact, it’s been happening so slowly that I don’t want to just talk about survival preparedness for obvious situations, but survival NOW  in what appears to be a chronic and terminal decline of both the earth and it’s people.  Survival in the hopes the earth itself survives and we can make it through.

Survival Now

We are being inundated with radiation NOW.  And not only from Fukushima.  There have been at least 2000 some odd nuclear detonations since the dawning of the atomic age.  Particles from every one of them are floating around the planet every day.  We are being sprayed like bugs NOW.  Literally snowed with glyphosates from Monsanto and heavy metals.  We have been breathing very poor air from increasing fires every year and it will be worse next year.  Aside from that, billions of trees have been lost by just browning out dead.  Dangerous levels of UV are being recorded yet the visible light levels are decreasing (something like 30% since the 1960’s) and with that, we are all deficient in critical nutrients the sun used to bring us like vitamin D.  The ozone is not protecting us NOW…..It is an emergency now…..’survival’ in so many ways is now.

A disaster doesn’t have to mean we are in an off-grid situation Mad Max style, in fact, the disaster could be silent, invisible, caused by electricity itself as we sit thinking all is as well as ever.

I will be talking about the dangers of cell phone radiation and the overwhelming proof it is causing and will cause mass death in a few short years.  By some estimates, it will make the holocaust look like a picnic.  But cell phones are chronic, and other more seemingly pressing emergencies will occur first.

So besides the bug out bag, a major focus of this site will be the “bug in bag” and the things we can do to make our homes at least as safe as can make them now as we sit in the middle of a very large overarching disaster in the environment.

Who is Doing All this and Why? It Doesn’t Matter

Now you may be like me and wedded to old-school political interpretations of who is doing what and why (for me it’s a follow the money thing), and you may be one who thinks the Rockefellers are trying to reduce the population so they can have more, or you may think Nibiru is going to crash or that the Greys are in actual control of the governments of the world in league with the lizards, or you may think that Satan has overtaken the Vatican….You may think the pole shift is about to happen… an EMP from Russia or a Nuclear war is imminent between the US and China or N Korea or you may think the Nazi’s actually run the US government and didn’t actually lose in the war or you may think that Global warming has doomed us all…..or you may think all or none of it is happening.  Or you may be like me wondering what is real anymore.

I would say it doesn’t matter what you think is at the root of all our coming problems because we can’t prove any of it.  What we can prove is there are heavy metals in the soil and water that could only have gotten there from the air.  We do know that deaths from illnesses associated with those heavy metals are increasing.  We can only go on things that we can verify ARE happening.  the whys are going to have to wait.  But what are you going to do about it?  If you are like most people, you are concerned about regular day to day survival as in going to work, dealing with increasingly dysfunctional job environments and the slowly decreasing mental and emotional coping strategies of those around you and maybe yourself too.  You are going shopping for dinner and then trying to fit in some satisfaction on the internet or tv for the few hours you have before returning to that other stuff.  Maybe, like me, you have looked at the sky and wondered how weird it looks but because there is nothing that you can do about it, have immediately thought,  “Well there’s nothing I can do about it so what’s the point of wasting my time looking at the sky all day?”.  There seem to be so many other immediate problems.

We might briefly think about polar caps melting from time to time but again.  “What can you and I do?”  Nothing really except stand by and watch the powers that be build dozens more nuclear reactors around the globe with the promise it will slow the warming.  Or so it seems.  And so it might, in fact, be the most prudent thing to just put your head down and proceed with life and tough it out like we were taught.  Hope for the best.  “Stiff upper lip”.  Maybe things will get better and besides, there are bills that need to be paid.

I would say it doesn’t matter who is doing what at this point to cause all this destruction because we can’t prove anything other than the destruction is happening.  Yes, it probably is a grand conspiracy, and it looks very much like we are being slowly sickened and killed off.  A depopulation agenda.  But I hope I’m wrong about this by the way.  If you think I’m wrong please tell me how in the comments.  I would LOVE to be wrong about this and I still hold out the hope that maybe I am.  My point is it’s well past time to prepare for what is here now.  Tell others when you can about the sky.  Spread the word and talk incessantly about it but get ready your self, because most people are not paying attention.

Prepare your home.  Prepare your bug out bag.  There are some small precautions we can take in our individual spheres of influence to protect ourselves, but in the end, if the atmosphere collapses, it’s important to know that no preparation is going to help anyone survive.  The focus now should be to try to survive the chronic long-term illness that seems to be coming after all of us in the form of cancers, dementia, respiratory illness.  I will share my ideas on it the best I can on how to protect yourself and family. I welcome any suggestions, help and know how as I try to find ways to piece together solutions to surviving and even bugging out in a situation none of us has ever seen before.  The first mode of survival, however, is to talk to everyone you can about it.  Because the only chance we have of surviving the big collapse is going to be a mass movement of awareness and willingness to stop it.  But take a good hard look around at the people you know and don’t count on it happening in time.

A Rule of Thumb: If Everyone is Talking About It, That’s Not the Most Important Thing Going On.

So you go to work or school and everyone is talking about the latest thing.  Trump, or bathroom politics, or whatever the internet flavor of the day is and you argue about it most likely feeling, emotionally and physically exhausted before going shopping, coming home and making dinner.  And all the while no one talks about all the trees that are dead and dying on the side of the road.

The point is that there are some things that are happening that we are being distracted from paying attention to.  Big things.  It could be a deliberate distraction.  I think it is, but the end result is no one is paying attention to some incredibly big things.  Like ALL life forms on the planet being poisoned.  The reason why no one is thinking or talking about this stuff is that on any given day everyone is talking about one big irrelevant thing.  A Facebook meme, or a news item (a disaster somewhere), whatever it is that went viral that day, that is what everyone is thinking about.  That is why you won’t see much of anything anyone is talking about on this site.  Otherwise, I will try to make things relevant to recent news events and currents but for the most part, I won’t be able to.  Most of what you will find here are things that are not on the news, not on the tips of everyone’s tongues but are world destroying just the same if they happen.  They are about the invisible but real, the not so obvious as well as the obvious.

I Could Be Wrong and I Hope I am

As I said earlier,  I could be wrong about what I think is coming,  Lots of people make predictions about lots of things.  And actually, I hope I’m wrong.  That is why I’m willing to (fancifully if anything) entertain the idea that I might be wrong.  So in the event that I am wrong, I want to to make every piece of “prepper” advice make life better for readers…..

….so that nothing will have been lost in heeding the advice given on this website….

Here’s what I mean,

  • Did you know that Iodine is actually a nutrient your body needs?  It is a definite must-have survival item in case of nuclear fallout to protect your thyroid, but even if Fukushima isn’t as bad as we think, or didn’t happen at all, almost all of us are deficient in this critical nutrient.  I will tell you why it’s important to your daily life now and what to do about it on this site because Iodine would make you feel better with or without radiation fallout among other things.
  • There is a case to be made that pure distilled (demineralized) water is good for you even if there were no toxins in the water we drink.  Official organizations like FEMA recommends distilled water over filtered water in disaster situations.  I’ll tell you why and all about how to best make your own distilled water with and without electricity.  If nothing ever happens or you think the water from your tap is fine, you will be healthier for having distilled water anyway.
  • Did you know that even if we weren’t being sprayed like bugs, the air inside your home is usually more polluted and dangerous than outside?  There are a bunch of things you can do about it and some pretty cool ideas to make the air in your house fresher AND healthier.  (hint; Air freshener or Febreeze won’t fix it)
  • Camping can be fun and getting the best equipment for it can save your life in a bad evacuation situation.  Get the stuff and skills to be the best camper and hiker you can be and you will be 90% there to being prepared for any disaster relocation…..and you will have fun outside.

You get the idea.  I want whatever you read on this site to be of benefit to you today.  Not just for some maybe future event.  It just makes sense to prepare for the worst in a way that if the worst never happens we will still be better off for all the effort.  But most of all you and I won’t look like fanatical idiots.  There is a risk of that you know.  But that is a small price to pay for having made something like a bug out bag.

One other thing I should disclose is that I do promote products on this site of which I am an affiliate, however, and some may end up being products I sell myself if I cannot find a supplier I can send you to (which is looking like the case for a couple of things).  In other cases, there will be no way for me to get any money for the products I recommend but I have provided links to those recommendations just the same.  I do want to say that I will never promote or recommend a product I do not believe in 100% even before seeking affiliation.  I do a lot of research to find the best for my family and I want that to benefit you too.

So all I ask is that if you do choose to buy a product I recommend or review based on my research, come back to my site just before purchasing and follow the link to that product.  It doesn’t cost to you anything more and it will help me keep the lights on (hosting is considered lights these days) and to buy more products to test and review.

In future, I would like to create a discussion board because I know that a lot of good ideas can be born from something that is more ‘open source’.  Keep an eye out for that!

Get started here with bugout Bag Essentials on the menu at the top of the page.  And look up but not away!

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