Review: The Big Anges Fly Creek ul2

Product: Big Agnus Fly Creek HV ul2 

Price: Reg $398.95 Current Sale $292.99

Cheapest Place to Buy: Moosejaw

Sleep Capacity: 2

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10


Features: Ultralight, Free Standing, Vestibule
Weight: 37 oz
Packed Dimensions: 4 x 19 in.
Minimum Trail Weight: 1 lb 15 oz
Floor Area: 28 Square Feet
Floor Dimensions: 86 x 52 / 42 in.
Vestibule Area: 8 square feet
Peak Height: 40 in.
Number Of Poles: 1
Tent Pole Diameter: 8.7 mm
Tent Pole Material: Aluminum
Rainfly Fabric: Ripstop Nylon
Canopy Fabric: Nylon / Polyester Mesh
Floor Fabric: PU Nylon Ripstop
Ultralight: Yes
Best Use: Camping, Backpacking
Sleep Capacity: 2
Seasons: 3-Season
Number of Doors 1


This is my personal tent.  And while there are other tents and shelter options out there that are lighter, at under 2 lbs the Big Agnes is hard to beat. Plus while lighter tents will most likely need to be found through specialty ‘cottage’ producers and be more expensive, Big Agnus is widely and easily available through a variety of retailers.

The other option is to just camp with a tarp and that means no floor to keep out bugs if that is a problem for you.  It’s a problem for me.  I can’t sleep with one mosquito in the room let alone 10,000 as is so often the case when I camp.  The Big Agnes ul2 is completely enclosed to give you that nice secure feeling of watching the bugs bump up against the netting.

I think at this point they are phasing out the old ul2 so there is a good chance of finding good deals on it.  The newer model called the Platinum weighs a few ounces less.  And another model called the mtlGLO has a set of LED lights is very cool, but I think that the added weight of batteries makes the Christmas feel not worth the effort.  I might reconsider if they made one with a solar charger.

I found the best thing about this tent (besides the lightness) was how easy it was to set up and take down.  It was simple and intuitive.


  • It is a tent.  And because it is a tent, it can’t safely have a wood burning stove on its floor for winters and extreme cold as a floorless tarp can.  Also not every place you choose to bed down will be a well-groomed campsite.  If you get tired and need to crash in the thick bush a hammock can keep you off the prickly and pointy stuff, uneven ground or ground with bad drainage.
  • It isn’t rated for winter and snow.  You could make it sufficient in a pinch but there are better though heavier and more expensive options for winter shelters.  I like to have a stove in winter (even at other times too) and that takes a shelter with no floor.  Since bugs are not a problem in the snow, a floorless shelter is especially fine for me at that time of year.
  • It can be a tight fit for two depending on your size, especially down at the boot as it tapers.
  • It does not come with a ground cover.  Buying that is going to run $50 but there are cheaper and better options for any shelter like Tyvek which will be about $20.00

For overall lightness and general purpose camping and bug out bag emergency shelter, I think the Big Agnus Fly Creek ul2 covers everything well enough, and many things very well.


2 thoughts on “Review: The Big Anges Fly Creek ul2”

  1. Awesome review, really loved your honest approach.

    As someone who loves hiking and just being out in the wild, having a high-quality tent is vital. This Big Agnus model seems awesome, and you’re right about the weight – it’s hard to beat at this price. I mean, 2lbs is ridiculously low, who needs anything lighter than that?

    Btw, do you think adding the extra 50$ for the ground cover makes sense if I’m about to use it during the summer when it’s dry and warm?

    1. I think its worth it to have a ground cover in summer but the $50 makes me hesitate a bit.  last summer I went without and I worried about the tent getting dirty or holes etc.  I am presently working on getting an article going on the wonders of Tyvek.  If you are not familiar with Tyvek…. you may have read the word wrapped on houses that are being constructed.  They are used as some kind of insulative vapor barrier on houses.  You can get it cheap at home depot by the yard and a couple yards will do for the Big Anges…..Cheap, strong, paper thin and very light!  You could buy a few yards for $50.  They come in different styles though any will do, be sure bookmark and keep an eye out for my research article coming soon on the best kinds of Tyvek!

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