How to Survive Website Hosting: It’s a Jungle Out There

It is a jungle out there. And that is no less true than in the world of website hosting. Bear Grillis wouldn’t stand a chance in this environment. It’s a good thing he probably has minions to navigate that end while he does the easy stuff like wade through a glacier stream naked. Making a website is hard enough. Writing content about the things you love is hard enough. If you want to share it, I’m sure you will find that there is a gatekeeper called the hosting industry that would cull the herd of aspiring writers who cannot understand the world of CPU s and giga-dollar charges for inexplicable shutdowns on your blog.

You see I have for years tried writing blogs on blogger then on WordPress only to be ignored by the majority of the worlds’ population. Languishing with the millions of other would-be writers out there with perhaps two or three visits a month or year from a possible eccentric searcher. And while there is a lot more to getting readers than getting a website host, you just can’t get rolling a website without one.

What is a Host?

A host is something that should be “hospitable” don’t you think? Well in the real virtual world that may or may not be true. In fact its more often not true. But getting to the meat of the question, a host is a computer that is supposed to ‘serve’ up your website to the World Wide Web. Your website will be on that computer, so in a way getting on to a hosting service is like renting a computer. You would want to look at very similar things about it that you would if you were buying a home computer….among other things. You want to look at how fast it is, how much memory it will allocate to your website. How much traffic it can take. But mostly you want to figure out if they are going to rip you off or not.  A lot of them will.

The Solution I am Trying

I have found a truly ‘all in one’ problem solver for non-computer types who want to make a website.  It’s called  Wealthy Affiliate.  The premise of it is to make a website that makes money through affiliate marketing.  The program is solid and there are lots of good things about it but the main thing that got me to invest in it was that they have their own hosting service.  They have a deal with Word Press so everything seamlessly funnels through the Wealthy Affiliate site host called Site Rubix.

I have yet to see a problem with this host and there are no hidden or additional charges for using it.  I think it’s just under $50.00 a month.  Not bad when you consider all the horror stories out there involving hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Now I know what you are saying that you can get something shared for say $2.50 a month but if you want to monetize or try to make a business out of your website or blog at some point or if you are expecting to get a lot of traffic, you are going to want to get something reliable and that won’t have hundreds of dollars in hidden charges later.

I recently had the chance to talk to a WordPress employee who told me that they get a lot of complaints and issues about Blue Host (and this is just one example.  A lot of hosting companies do it) or any of the large number of it’s subsidiaries.  His told me that basically when you call Blue Host for support, you get a sales person who will try to sell you an upgrade to solve your problem so it is really in their best interest that you do run into problems!

At Wealthy Affiliate, the focus is on teaching you how to make money making a website and the hosting is just a small part of the package.  If they don’t make that good right from the start they can’t do anything else as far as educating people.  And yes the training and all the other perks like a keyword search engine is included in the $50.00 a month.  I’ll get into their Jaxy program at another time but my two bits on this is it was worth it for me to dive into the Wealthy Affiliate program just for the Site Rubix hosting.  Website hosting can cost a lot more or a lot less, but if you are just trying to make a website business for yourself and it’s your first time, this is a really good secure deal.  For the Site Rubix hosting alone, it’s a pretty safe bet for a moderate price.

I plan to talk about this program a bit more in terms of economic survival in a mobile world later, but for now, check it out!


1 thought on “How to Survive Website Hosting: It’s a Jungle Out There”

  1. This is a good article.
    Web hosting is complex and expensive. I too love that you can host multiple sites and get the support of updates through SiteRubix/WA.
    It’s great that you included information that on a free or inexpensive hosting plan, there are so many features that are not included. I learned this the hard way.
    Thanks for a simplified take to understand hosting.

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