How to Survive the End of The World On A Shoestring: Reloaded

This is the continuation of my discussion on survival using the Law of Attraction and staying positive in tough times.

Recently I revisited an interview on Youtube that I had listened to last year on Sofia Smallstorm’s channel.  She spoke with a woman named Veronica Ciandre.  Her story was interesting since she has used the Law of Attraction to combat and cure radiation poisoning from cell phone towers that were placed on her roof several years ago.


On her website, she advocates something she calls SOWE which stands for Salt, Oil, Water, Earth.  For each of these, she writes very sparsely about Himalayan sea salt, Oil ‘pulling’, the effects of music on water, and various earthing type meditations.  But the thing that intrigued me the most was her page on something called Shungite.  She says nothing about it other than that she sells some jewelry made from it.

A little web surfing about it surfing revealed quite an amazing little mineral, but aside from all of that her main contention in the interview was that all of these physical aids and many more are just ‘crutches’ in the sense that we have much more ability to combat even radiation within our own ability to vibrate.

Veronica and her Inner Being came up with a wonderful affirmation:

How to Survive the End Of The World On A Shoestring

Once she had moved from the first apartment where the cell towers had been installed, Veronica accidentally moved into another equally if not more EMF polluted house.  At that point, she didn’t have the money or resources to buy the many protections that are out there.  She used just what she could afford to detoxify (SOWE) and then she turned inward.

What Veronica is saying and I believe its true is that EVERYTHING is vibrational.  All physical objects and all non-physical objects like thoughts and especially radiation!  The perspective is bold because we have been taught to think radiation is something insurmountable.  In fact, there are some who feel that radiation is something that is so powerful, so insidious, that it not only affects the physical but can even damage the spirit.  Veronica challenged all of those assumptions head-on by living in an incredibly irradiated house and cured herself at the same time using hardly more than a few physical protections and her affirmation.

So if there seem to be a lot of items on this site and many others that make you feel overwhelmed at the cost of survival, then it’s nice to know that these are just crutches in the end.  They are convenient and they DO work but you CAN do without if you have to.  You should do what you can to act to protect yourself with the best things you can afford.  When possible I try to find the cheapest possible items in any given category, but in the end, the idea is to know you are using tools and objects as ‘crutches’ until you learn to depend entirely on your self.

Your deepest self-has resources unbeknownst even to you

in situations you could never have imagined you would ever face.  Think of your past we all have had moments and situations like it.  I know I have.

These days there are seemingly overwhelming things coming at us.  They are unimaginable in scale and kind.  But if you can stay focused within your self and your inner resources you will have the best the world can offer at any given moment.  You will also naturally make the best choices for the world at large.

It Doesn’t Take Toughness to Find Your Independence

I am not talking about ‘grit’ here though, as in getting tough and saying you ‘don’t need all that …whatever’ to get by and then suffering through and possibly dying in the process. I’m talking about trying to look for the best you can find to supply yourself AND then being happy with what you have where you are.

Yes being happy with the situation, the imperfection of it all is really the key.  It’s not getting all proud of your ability to suffer through things, it’s getting happy and that in essence IS being grounded and centered.  When you are happy things go well.  When you are happy you are ready to respond and do respond in a better more effective way than when you are unhappy.  Its the opposite of the way most people think.

Most want to complain, protest, blame, and that makes them feel bad even though they think it makes them feel better.  And sometimes getting mad is the better feeling thought than feeling trapped, helpless and depressed.  But if your overall response to things is negative like that, then there are going to be overall negative responses and outcomes happening to you.

But what is happiness and how do we get it despite lousy circumstances?

I want to go into this in greater detail but there are specific things you can do to evoke happiness despite circumstances.  Lots of people have done it in incredibly bad situations….far worse than anybody reading this now I am sure.  There are lots of ways to do it and in a sense, everyone will have to find their own way.

Yesterday I came across a fantastic Quote by Abraham-Hicks:

“You cannot control circumstances. You never intended to control circumstances. You intended to discover unconditional love. You intended to discover a way to feel good, no matter what, because you have the facility: you have the power: you have the ability to focus.”

Excerpted from San Antonio, TX on 1/29/05

Focus is the key.  Focusing on things that feel good is the key if you can.  It doesn’t mean ignoring things that are happening if you can do something about it.  I remember a great piece of wisdom once told to me by a Tibetan Lama…a Rinpoche (meaning high lama) it went like this:

“If you can’t do anything about it, why worry?  But if you CAN do something about it…why worry?”

Right now the way that I’ve discovered to be happy under any circumstances has to do with changing what you believe no matter what things look like.  It’s not as hard as you would think but it does take a while to write out so I am going to continue that elsewhere.

But for now just know that it doesn’t and is not just going to take just money to survive the end of the world and in fact, it may not take any at all.  Don’t freak out if you can’t afford everything you think you need.  Do what you can and know you did what you can the universe will carry you.



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