How to Detox Aluminum from the Brain: It May Be Easier Than You Think

Why Would You Want to Remove Aluminum From the Brain?

Before asking how to detox aluminum from the brain many would ask why you would even want to do it.  The link between Alziemers and dementia is well known and has been for decades.  I first heard of it in the 1970’s.  However, I did not know that very little actual research has been done to make a definitive scientific connection between the two.  Today that evidence exists, but I suspect the reason it’s taken so long and the reason we hardly ever hear about it is because so many products we use every day depend on aluminum.  Some have said we live in “the Age of Aluminum”, but there are tremendous reasons why we would want to put that out of our minds and just get on with life.  Aluminum is unavoidable and recently some medical authorities have been telling us Dementia and Alzheimers are also just a natural and unavoidable fact of getting older.  I don’t think that has been true in the past and recently I’ve come across some compelling evidence to show that it may not have to be that way in the future if you can remove aluminum from the brain even though in today’s world it is unavoidable.

What is Aluminum?

In fact, I was born in a little aluminum boom town in Northern Canada.  Some of my earliest memories were of everything being made of this sparkling wonder material.  The pots and pans and of course Aluminum Foil were abundant in those days.  In more recent times we can see that aluminum is in the food itself.  From baking soda to cake mixes to food dyes, cosmetics, underarm deodorants, and beverages, Aluminum is everywhere.  It’s even in the air.  And in fact, many argue that it is harmless just because it is everywhere.  That would be faulty reasoning.

Aluminum is actually, the third most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust.  It occurs naturally in pretty much everything.  So the reason it is so harmful to human health is a tremendous mystery of nature.  The question of why something so abundant in the earth is so toxic to humans has been a lifelong passion for Dr. Chris Exley one of the worlds foremost authorities on Aluminum.  I will talk about him a lot more a little later.  But for now, just let the paradox of our relationship with aluminum settle in for a moment.

Alhiemers and Dementia are reaching epidemic proportions in the world’s population and people are getting it younger and younger.  I have even heard of some cases happening in people in their 30’s! That was unheard of 30 years ago.

Survival then, as I’ve said before, is very much about avoiding and cleansing aluminum now.

It’s In the Air

As I’ve mentioned in other articles, I have mentioned that Aluminum is now new being sprayed from aircraft.  You can see it every day in the form of nano-particulates.  Exactly why they are doing it is a riddle in itself but there is no doubt that is what forms a major component of the effluent you can see running across the skies behind aircraft.

I have also mentioned Dane Wigington a lot on this website because this website was largely inspired by his research and tireless efforts to alert people to what is actually going on in the skies today.  In this video ( at 9:40) Dane describes the time he tried to set up an informational booth at an Alziemers convention and was banned from it.  Apparently, the Alzheimer’s Association in the US does not recognize the causative role of Aluminum in the disease.

Dane also claims to have peer-reviewed studies that show Bees are dying off not because of pesticides as we are so often told, but because of the aluminum in the air.  There is apparently a great bee die off as we have so often heard but scientists have actually observed that bees are showing signs of dementia and Alzheimers even in some of the most remote wilderness.

Dr. Chris Exley: The Water We Drink

Dr. Exley is not a medical doctor and doesn’t claim to be one, but a hard research scientist.  A lab guy who has been studying aluminum’s effects on the body for over 30 years.  He has made an interesting discovery:

Those people who drink water high in Silica show evidence of aluminum getting flushed from the body through the urine.  Further, that silica has a way of passing into the brain and attaching to aluminum there before removing it.  Exley initially found significant improvement in children with aluminum toxicity and autism spectrum disorders.  Later he found that  Alziemers patients who drank Silica rich water over a 13 week test period showed not only 50 to 70 percent reduced levels of Aluminum but the progression of Alziemers symptoms stopped and in some cases even reversed.

The Volvic Connection

This interesting discovery by Dr. Exley has led him into a bit of a spotlight outside the lab and surely to some adventure when he went to Volvic Water with his results.  I suspect he was trying to get funding for further research from the company since there would be no doubt their Volvic brand of Silica rich water that Exley had used on his test subjects could be a huge selling point for Volvic.

In this video, Exley describes something that reminds me of Dane Wigington’s experience with the Alzheimer’s Association.  Though Exley did initially get a very good reception from Volvic water in France, they later mysteriously changed their mind and no longer wanted to associate with Exley or his endorsements.  While he himself does not try to explain why this baffling thing happened.  I have my suspicions.  He did say that it was because they did not want to implicate aluminum as being harmful to humans in any way.  Now, why would they not want to do that?

A simple web search gave me some fuel for speculation.  Volvic is owned by Dannon which is a monolithic food producer in France much like Kraft is in the U.S.  It has it fingers in all kinds of food production.  In fact, there was at one time a fear of Kraft trying to take over Dannon but because it was such a huge part of French business the government of France stepped in and made it impossible for any foreign businesses to buy it out.  Anyway, I suspect a lot of other Dannon products contain aluminum and need to be protected.  For Volvic to start an ad campaign outlining how Volvic cleanses the system of aluminum would be tantamount to saying aluminum is bad for you and put into question a lot of other products Dannon produces.

The Malaysian Spritzer Company

Since then Exley has endorsed another company called Spritzer fromMayalysia that produces water from a silica-rich spring.  This water could only be found in Malaysia but recently made itself available in the UK where Dr. Exley lives and endorses the water.  They have committed to donating 10% of profits from the sale of the water to further Dr. Exley’s research at Keele University.  In the UK this water is found under the name Acilis (Silica spelled backward).  I have not been able to find Acilis in Canada or the US.

Another Brand of Silica-Rich Water…

is Fiji water.  This to my mind is a controversial company as the water comes from a country where much of the population suffers from water insecurity.  In addition, the chemical composition of Fiji water includes Flouride.  If that is a concern of yours then I would avoid it even though it is very rich in silica.  There is evidence that fluoride acts synergistically to increase the toxicity of aluminum to astounding degrees.  Dr. Blaylock is a favorite of mine.  Being a prominent retired neurosurgeon he doesn’t have to answer to anyone or biased interests.

One thing Fiji has going for it is that it uses BPA free plastic bottles and I don’t know if that is true for Volvic.

Volvic water has Chloride in it and I’m not sure if that occurs naturally in the spring or if they add it to kill pathogens, but too much of this can also be a bad thing.

How To Detox Aluminum From the Brain

However, in either of these cases it might be worthwhile drinking some of these waters for periods of time to flush out aluminum especially if you are showing signs of Alzheimer’s, you may want to drink it all the time.  Dr. Exley found that best results were if you drink 1.5 liters of silica-rich water daily.  Preferably over the course of an hour or so.

However, when I drink it I would also look for solutions around detoxing from the halogens in these brands of bottled water.

Make Your Own?

I have come across a way to make your own silica water if you really don’t trust the other stuff in bottled water.  This video by Dennis N. Crouse who appears to have a Ph.D. from Harvard (I have not verified this but I need to as this video was interesting but struck me as odd in some ways).

First of all, he uses tap water and then claims that he can filter out aluminum with his Brita filter.  I don’t think that is possible unless the stuff he adds to the water somehow makes it possible for the carbon filter to do that.  I am unfamiliar with that process.  Also at the end, he uses Baking Soda to raise the pH of the water.  Unless you use specifically labeled Baking Soda with “No Aluminum”, doing that would be a questionable practice to my mind.  I would at least start with distilled or very pure water for this process.  I cannot vouch for it.  I have not tried it or seen much about it other than this video so it will be up to you to chase down and research the specifics if you want to try it.  If you know more or find out more about it please contact me and let me know.  I am intrigued.

Until I find out more about it I am going to stick with the bottled water that I know and risk the other contaminants to try Volvic water or Acilis for a few days if I can get it even though I am still a big believer in the benefits of distilled water.  In this day and age, anything you can add to your diet to help detox aluminum is all about survival as there are some people who think that we are all on a limited timeframe before succumbing to Alziemers or Dementia.


4 thoughts on “How to Detox Aluminum from the Brain: It May Be Easier Than You Think”

  1. I always thought that shiny aluminum foil was a great invention.
    But coming to know the ill effects of Aluminum on diseases like Alzheimer’s after going through your website has changed all that.

    I think more research needs to be done to confirm ill effects of Al.

    Detox of the brain with Silica water seems good to try.

    A very illuminating and thought provoking website with some interesting videos.

    1. Thanks for the kinds words on my work Anand. Actually, the connection between Alzheimer’s and Aluminum has been well established in scientific journals.  The problems as you have noted is lack of funding for this kind of research for sure, but also the money and influence to back public awareness about it.  For example, the people who run the Alzheimer’s association in the US also work for the Aluminum industry making it apparent that Aluminum funds it and that the association might not even exist without Aluminum money.  Examples of this kind of industry PR are rife everywhere.

  2. I stopped to read this article because some years ago my father, a patient of Parkinson’s disease and now deceased, was introduced to chelation therapy with an attempt to remove aluminium deposits from his body. I can’t say whether or not it helped but I have always wondered if there are other ways of removing harmful metals. This method seems a good way to go and quite easy, but since the agent is silica, could the taking of silica supplements also be effective?

    1. Awesome thoughts on the subject JJ!  There are some health advocate who recommend eating horsetail (that grows in sandy soils around here I think in Spring western Canada) which is high in silica but it is bitter and difficult to eat much of it at any one time.  There are however horsetail supplements as you have suggested aa well as other silica based ones.  My understanding of them is that you have to be careful not to take too much and you have to drink huge amounts of water to ensure a certain level of hydration.  So unless you really want to get a big dose of silica my thought is drinking water that is already has suspended silica in it is going to be a simpler process to do safely.  But yes there are other ways of getting silica and I don’t think any of them should be discounted at this point in our environment!  Thanks for the thought provoking comment  JJ

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