Photos from my backyard of some geoengineering aerial spray. I have been watching the tree on the right die for the past couple of years. And note how the spray nozzle turns on, then off, then on. Jet condensation does not do that.


Those Clouds aren’t Normal

If you had the chance to read my post on Nuclear Crisis, you will have seen the term “Geoengineering”.  If you haven’t heard of it don’t worry, most know it by another less credible name: “Chemtrails”

The reason I use the term Geoengineering is that, according to Dane Wigington from, if you use the term ‘chemtrails’ it immediately gets dismissed by the listener as ‘conspiracy theory’ or otherwise lacking in credibility.  But if I use the term ‘Geoengineering’ or better yet, if I do a Google search of the term I will come up with a lot of solid evidence-based studies, patents, and even outright programs described by the people doing it.

Geoengineering refers to technology that is presently being used to modify the earth’s atmosphere.  There are probably multiple other ways that Geoengineering is being deployed throughout the world and we do know of a few that are openly being done.  Another term used to describe it is ‘stratospheric solar radiation management”.  it’s a fancy way of saying mother nature can be ‘managed’ by scientists.

Another and probably the most openly known reason for spraying from airplanes is ‘Weather modification”.  The strangest thing about this whole thing is that while weather modification has been around for years, most people refuse to acknowledge it exists or refuse to see it as otherwise harmless or even positive.

This has made it nearly impossible for the general public to feel anything but apathy and denial about its existence let alone the dangers it presents to the planet.

It’s a complicated subject but, all you need to do is look at the sky and try to remember what clouds used to look like.  If you are old enough you will be able to remember how most clouds used to be described as ‘billowy’.  Today, it’s more than likely that you will see lines across the sky a that spread out into clouds that I would describe as ‘whispy’.  Just by looking at the terminology I am using it should be pretty obvious that I am not an expert in weather but you don’t have to be to see such obvious changes.  Just a casual Google search and a slightly open mind will reveal that something is definitely going on in the sky.

Here are some of the possible evidence-based reasons for a few of the geoengineering programs:

Weather modification for profit:

-By private companies for the purpose of controlling crop yields.  If you are familiar with how commodities markets work you will know that both good and bad weather can make some people money depending on how they bet.


-For military purposes.  By filling the air column with nanoparticulate heavy metals, the air itself can become highly conductive aiding in both communication systems, missile guidance systems, and cause famine and drought in certain countries as acts of war.  The drawback of doing this is that everyone has to breath in heavy metals like nano aluminum with aluminum being a known cause of Alzheimer’s disease.  In the U.K. today Alzheimer’s and dementia is now the leading cause of death among the elderly.

The use of Spray from airplanes could also be used, has been used and most likely is being used for biological warfare meaning they could also contain viruses.  There is no way to know for sure, but there are some independent scientists like Clifford Carnicom who say they have identified red blood cells in samples captured in a HEPA filter.  The question is:  Who is the enemy?

Global Warming:

-The biggest concern right now is that geoengineering is being used as a very dubious attempt to slow the effects global warming while at the same time accelerating the actual causes of global warming.  For example, the use of Geoengineering in conjunction with radio and microwave frequencies appears to have caused tremendous damage to the ozone layer.  Since not many can go up to that area of the atmosphere to take samples it’s pretty easy to hide solid evidence that damage has been done, however, we can see that more and more UV radiation is coming through the usually protective atmosphere, and you can tell just by how hot the sun is starting to feel on your skin as compared to even 10 years ago.

At the top of the picture taken from my back deck note the wave-like clouds. it doesn’t show as well in photos but I was seeing these characteristic wave clouds in the same locations day after day for ten days preceding a wild fire that happened this August about 10 miles south of where I estimate the clouds were.

Now, this doesn’t mean that global warming from pollution and all other damaging human activities is not happening.  It is happening.  It is just that stratospheric radiation management is making it happen many multiple times faster than it would have otherwise happened.  Exponentially faster.  If Dane Wigington (and I trust this guy for some reason) is correct then the earth has less than 10 years of life support left on it if Geoengineering efforts are not stopped now.  Even if they are stopped now, there is a chance its too late to save the planet and it is for sure that stopping the programs today would cause immediate catastrophic weather and other disruptions as the earth would need to drive itself back into balance.  But it’s a price we have to pay since if we don’t stop geoengineering, the odds the planet is doomed very quickly is 100%

A couple of days later in August, a major fire started about 15 miles from me and forced the evacuation of about 1400 people from their homes. Note there is still Jet spraying still going on behind the plume of smoke.

Survival is Going to Take Massive Civil Movements

But just as with the nuclear issue, surviving this beast (which would be second only to a global nuclear war), is going to take getting out there and talking about it.  Tell everyone you know and forget about if they think you are a nut case conspiracy case.  Do the research and look with your own eyes.  Most people won’t see something unless someone else sees it first.  Get together with like-minded individuals and start complaining loudly.  Go to Staples and get some signs made.

There won’t be any surviving this one if the earth’s atmosphere collapses.  If that occurs Earth could undergo what is called the ‘Venus effect’ where suddenly the earth’s temperatures suddenly rise into the 900-degree range.  Even if you had the means to buy a bunker to hide deep underground.  How long would you want to stay there knowing you will never live to see another life form again?

So as part of your Bug out Bag Essentials, I would say a good set of lungs to scream your head off about what you can see with your own eyes (no microscope needed).  This to create enough massive population momentum to stop this crazy program.

Back to the Bug out Bag

Having said that though, and after all, this site is about a simple bug out bag, you will have to realize that collapse of the atmosphere will be ‘managed’.  That is they will be able to control aspects of the weather all the way down even as they become less and less effective.  What I mean is that at first there will be some populations that will survive better than others and so there will be the first to die from it and then there will be the last to die from it.  For example, those with means will be able to afford bunkers.  And before that they may be able to afford to travel to places that have better conditions.  Take the recent hurricanes in the US for example, it will have been easier for the rich to simply fly off to another house somewhere while the poor might not even be able to afford a car or bus and will have had to sit and take it or walk out.  If fuel starts to disappear then it probably won’t just be gone overnight.  It will start to rise in price until only the fabulously rich will be able to afford it.  In other words, Capitalism will survive until the bitter end.

So there will be a time between now and the end where your bug out bag could at least help you to find some comfort and get you over some bumps, but in the end nothing short of stopping the spraying programs is going save any of us….no matter how prepared…rich and poor….good or bad.

In future posts, I want to tell you about some simple items you can get for your bug out bag for emergency preparations that will protect you and your family from some of the effects of geoengineering as they are occurring now.  The importance of sunglasses is one article I really want to get out to everyone, because, the UV levels are not what we are being told in the news.  Yes, they tell us they are rising due to “global warming” but what they are not telling us is that the levels are rising much faster than anticipated and for reasons in addition to global warming.  Something else to be aware of is that the spray itself is toxic.  But again more on that later.  Hopefully, I will be able to place a link here to the article when I write it.  If you cannot wait.  Go to the website and do some research.  There is a mind-boggling amount of information collected there.

But as I said, more on that later since, the most urgent thing needed right now is to stop geoengineering programs.  That means going to, getting informed and donating to the volunteer lawyers who are taking the EPA to court for ignoring the true particle counts in the air and the true amounts of solar radiation coming down through the atmosphere.

After that, it’s all about getting loud about it with like-minded friends.  Get your essentials packed and ready and put on some sunglasses because if this scenario plays out like they say, it is going to be a ride, to say the least.

Now I really do hope that this really isn’t going on.  But if it is happening, if the ozone is failing or has been destroyed by these programs, then ‘we’ as a planet, are done.  And it’s going to be a lot of suffering and deprivation between now and when the end finally comes.  If it is, and I really hope it isn’t, and if we fail to stop it, then we are going to need to take care of ourselves with an eye to finding the greatest degree of personal comfort until the end.  As far as personal survival goes, I suppose instincts will kick in and most of us will try to live as long as possible despite knowing it’s hopeless.  At some level, we will always have hope.  And maybe we might live through it after all.  Try to have food on hand.  As Dane Wigington says it will be worth more than money or anything else over the next few years.  IF this scenario plays out as some claim it will, we need to try to stop it and get ready to hold on tight for the ride in case we don’t.


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