Disinformation: The 80/20 Bait and Switch

The “80/20 Bait and Switch” is a fantastic term I first encountered on a video by Andrew Norton Webber in relation to distilled water. He claimed that Dr. Mercola was a disinformation agent of sorts in that he was great speaking a lot of truth about a lot of health issues agreed upon in the alternative health world. But when it comes to water Mercola takes a hard turn and advocates against distilled water which in a lot of ways goes against all his other endorsements.

Yet the internet and the media are rife with this particular kind of disinformation on all sorts of subjects. It really is so sophisticated that there is only one way to get around it and that is to get in touch with your own gut instincts on everything. In this article and more I will outline how you can determine the ‘facts’ to your best advantage.

So what is the 80/20 Bait and Switch?

Well in the case of Andrew Norton Webber, the example is quite well-known with distilled water fans that Dr. Mercola has written an article about how distilled water causes ‘early death’. Norton’s assertion is that Mercola is a great alternative health authority and that his role is to truthfully inform regarding a whole host of issues from vaccines to BPA in plastic containers but that his purpose is to throw a wrench into the critical 20 percent of truth.  Which in this case is that distilled water is, in fact, good for you.

Disinformation at it’s Best.

But there are many others out there who are fantastic at throwing people off course in many other ways. And when they do so they prevent large populations from rising up and showing discontent about anything and everything that could affect them and the world around.

There are big money interests that have a lot to lose if we wise up so it’s a very important thing to keep people misinformed, disinformed and arguing based on the idea that you can fool some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time but not all the people all the time. The key here is to give people who have a bent toward being suspicious a rebellious leader who will confirm for them things they already know and suspect, then throw a loop in there at the last minute to throw them off track.

For example, X suspects that big oil and gas Barons are suppressing free energy to keep their power and money Y comes along and has a lot of solid proof that this is so. X and Y have a good time bonding and commiserating about the whole wretched situation. Y says “we should do something about the real culprits here!” and X heartily agrees with his new-found friend. Then Y say “it’s the fault of those damned Tree Huggers!”. At this point X (not Malcolm x) is caught up in such a momentum he doesn’t miss a beat and agrees totally with Y never questioning the sheer lunacy of the connection that tree huggers would have anything to do with suppressing free energy.

Alex Jones is a genius with this kind of stuff and he works for most of the people he claims to rally against. Some stuff is easy to see through. I remember years ago when I heard Alex Jones use the term “useful idiots” but he was applying the term to describe elements in the left wing. A really interesting flip since the term was originally used to describe Nazi henchmen. Really, Alex Jones, the ultra right-winger was turning possible leftists into Nazis and they didn’t even know it.

There are many other things that Alex Jones does but primarily the talk goes something like ‘there is this and this and this going wrong with the system and it’s heading here’. “Lost freedom” for example “under a dictatorial government” (All true and obvious). “Let’s rally against the forces of darkness who are doing this to us!” (OK). Then he immediately goes on to blame exactly who is doing all this typically the Rockefellers or some other big power holder. Then he goes on a right wing rant about immigrants and government that is too restrictive of free enterprise….which effectively shifts the blame to a totally irrelevant source. Getting rid of immigrants isn’t going to fix the issues of the ultra-rich taking over increasing amounts of power now that they have all the money. Immigrants are not why the USA has turned into an increasingly impoverished police state, I promise you that. The reason why the US has turned into a fascist police state is that Americans have followed the likes of Alex Jones for 30 years.

The gaps in logic are enormous.  For example.  The reason manufacturing jobs are being lost in the US is not really the fault of China.  It is because misinformed people have supported the idea of less government, less regulation and more ‘freedom’ of business.  This has allowed big business to move industry to cheaper countries without regard for country or laws or regulations that would impose restrictions.  That is why Trump’s attempt at blaming the Chinese for the US economic situation and making a trade war with China will ultimately fail…All Chinese manufacturing is ultimately owned by American companies.

But the dynamic doesn’t happen on the right alone.  Bill Maher on the left does the same thing.  He posits himself as such a leftist ‘humanitarian but then goes on noxious racist tirades riding on the ‘political incorrectness’ slogan which has been a right-wing rally cry since the 1990’s.  Most often a key to understanding the 80/20 bait and switch is to note that ‘blame’ is somehow diverted to the least logical cause.

But that is only one form of 80/20 bait and switch:

Adding 20% craziness that few believe 80% fact or reason is another form of bait and switch. They speak reason and evidence for 80% of the time then veer off into or claim to believe things that most people will disregard as lunacy.

  • Tells the truth (80%) then claims the earth is flat.
  • Tells the truth (80%) then veers to little green men or reptilians who actually rule the world
  • Tells the truth (80%)  then veers to gun control issue (if the government wanted you dead they could do it no matter how many guns we have. And they could do it without firing a single shot. Think about it.)
  • Tells the truth (80%) then veers off to claims we never went to the moon.
disinformation: 80/20 bait and switch
Integrity in journalism. I haven’t seen any evidence of it for over 30 years

My suggestion to disinformation agents is to try this:

  1. Arguing the skies are obviously being sprayed with something and there is evidence that the Ozone layer is in worse shape than we are being told as measurable by scientific UV instruments. Then immediately rip off your wig, pull out a tambourine and start singing “Hari Krishna” while spinning and dancing in an ecstatic trance
  2. Claim there is nothing that can be done about the global warming situation because the Rockefellers won’t allow it. Then claim the Queen is a reptilian pedophile (Oh wait that has already been done).

These should dissuade anyone from entertaining any of these ideas and at the same time convince those who would believe it all that there really isn’t anything that can be done.

Note that I’m not saying that the earth isn’t flat or that the Queen isn’t a reptile here. What I am saying is that the logic of the ideas matched with other ideas that don’t go together logically is the crux of the matter, and the reason the earth is falling apart and will most likely end as the Christians say it will is because we all keep falling for this stuff.

I would have to say that Alex Jones is the master of 80/20 bait and switch. He has it down to an art form and will go fancier like 80/20/20/80 all in one show. In the following ‘debate’ with Pierce Morgan Jones defends John Lennon and puts down gun control while at the same time alienating himself from half the population while endearing himself with the other half. He defends and reveals facts around 911 and the complicity of the Bush cabal but then defends every one of its policies.

If you follow the logic of the media these days you won’t get anywhere. The best thing to put in your bug out bag for emergencies when things get really confusing is to take your own counsel.


One final note which has recently come to my attention has been the increasing suspicion that what comes up as ‘recommended’ (aka promoted) on your youtube feed is most likely going to contain 80/20 bait and switch or is in agreement with some kind of propaganda.  I just heard of a guy who suspects this and because one of his videos ‘went viral’ he actually concluded that what he said must have been wrong and deleted the video.  One thing to be suspicious of on youtube is the number of views.  Typically if a video ro creator has more than 1000 views or subs and is political in nature…and especially if it has more than 100,000, most likely it’s BS.  Something else I have been noticing is if a channel gets complains about ‘free speech’ then gets ‘banned’ from youtube but then appears again right away, then they are most likely shills just posing as the underdog.

4 thoughts on “Disinformation: The 80/20 Bait and Switch”

  1. Great term and I would agree. So many of them out there too. It is sad that we have come this far as Americans, or anybody for that matter and have to be dishonest. Very disheartening to me. We have to sift our way thru all the information we receive, and then determine if it is true and honest or not. Just look at all the garbage going on with the presidency, still. I don’t watch the news anymore. Don’t know what to believe and what not to believe.

    1. It seems like they are always one step ahead for sure.  Trump tapped into people’s suspicions about ‘fake news’ for example, to make himself look credible to the growing masses of the suspicious and then just turned around and continued with the same stuff the last half dozen presidents have been doing.  One guy on Youtube I have been watching lately had a video go viral which made him suspicious and he deleted it because he suspected he must have said something that was wrong or it wouldn’t have been promoted by Google lol.  So I guess there are some who are saying if it has too many hits or subs then it must be wrong and if its on the news or everyone is griping about it…well at least you know that’s NOT whats really relevant….it’s got to be something else!  But as you said….what could that be?

  2. Interesting. I’ll have to think about this more. I guess the question that arise from this article is, how do we know that you aren’t sowing disinformation?

    I’m not saying that you are. I would actually agree with most of what you said. But hypothetically, someone could sow disinformation about disinformation, in order to spread that disinformation, right? That way, people would be dis-informed about disinformation.


    1. You are absolutely right.  You can’t trust any information these days.  I ask myself that question every time I see anything especially online.  I do have some criteria I hope to flesh out in future articles though and maybe I should have in this one.  Aside from the one about “if everyone is talking about some subject” around the water cooler, typically there is a more important subject that is being covered up.  In other words if you sense an illogical herd mentality:

      1) Follow the money.  Ask yourself, who stands to make a LOT of money if we all agree or disagree with a given subject and how?  War for example makes some people a lot of money.  Typically the people who are convinced to support those people who make all the money have to send their children to have their limbs blown off.

      2) Stick with what you know that makes you feel good.  This a really an ‘esoteric’ standard in that it requires that you take your attention away from things that you are unsure of and focus only on things you are sure about.  This takes a lot of discernment and personal honesty.  Usually that means keeping to the tight sphere of your own day to day life and the things you control in it.  This is the only way to completely avoid being sucked into the agendas of other people’s interests.  If I drop a cup for example, I know it will break.  That’s about as far as I can go in my immediate experience.

      Awesome comment.  Thanks for the honesty.  All I can say in my defence is that my opinion isn’t carried by many people and that is a clue.  But the biggest one is that I stand to make ZERO money if you believe me or not and you personally stand to gain a lot by considering it.  You are considering it and that makes you a better survivor.  All the best.

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