Disaster Capitalism

We are now living in an era when disaster is profitable.  While it is true that if you have enough money you can make money out of any disaster, I would say it has become so lucrative and money has become so concentrated that for some very powerful interests, disaster is deliberately created in order to reap profits and power.

One of the biggest things we need to understand in recent years is that we live in something Naomi Klien calls ‘disaster capitalism’ in her book Shock Doctrine.

This is where interest groups, largely private banks, and the military creates or takes advantage of disaster in order to profit from it and grab power.  This is not a small thing.  It is primarily how the US has been financing itself for decades.  War itself is a form of disaster that can be imposed, but there are much more covert ways of actually constructing a disaster.  Economic disasters in the ‘bubble economies’ that we have been seeing over the years are deliberately created in order to clean up the goods at bargain basement prices after the crash.  911 was another example, as well as the gas crisis of the 70s and interest rate hikes in 80s as also Fukushima were part of the ‘shock doctrine’ approach to not only get Japan in line but an attack on the entire northern hemisphere.  Environmental disasters that we are seeing and will be seeing more of, are either deliberately going or be created or be ‘allowed’ to happen.  And even if it none of these nothing is really going to be done to actively stop or prevent more from happening.

Take the Wildfires all over the place.  California for example or Alberta in the middle of winter!

In the world we live in today, where the technology to control the weather and possibly even earthquakes is possessed by people with a level of wealth and power that is hard for most people to even imagine, we have to always follow the money to establish at least a likely cause of ANY disaster.

When most people are really just catching up to the idea that political coups and the horrors in other parts of the world like South America, Africa, and Asia have actually been orchestrated by big money in the past, they will most certainly be caught flat-footed if the same horrors start to emerge in their own country.  Another really good book to read on that subject is Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins.

I have his old first edition from several years ago but apparently, he has revised his newer editions to include how the same process typically reserved for ‘other’ countries is now beginning to emerge in North America, Europe and other parts of what have been known as the “first world” nations.

Yet this is still old school stuff at least as far as we understand.  What is beginning to be understood only now is that weather warfare has been going on for decades and famine and drought have been used in a similar way to bring countries to their knees in order to allow for “benevolent help” to move in and take resources?  One country I always wonder about is Ethiopia.  Did you know that before the famine and drought that hit Ethiopia and made it a poster child of starvation, that it was the bread basket of Africa?  Ethiopia was, in fact, incredibly rich in natural resources.  The same is true for a lot of other countries in Africa where both political, social and weather-related disaster seems to have visited over and over…to the ultimate benefit of whom?  The point is that weather modification for the purpose of what is essentially war has been going on for many years.  Some say it has been going on for as many as 70 years!  Think about the great famine in North Korea several years back.  How did that happen?  Here is a video that has a bit of history included but also addresses the idea of hurricane manipulation technologies and the many odd characteristics that we have been seeing with recent storms in the Gulf of Mexico over the past few years.

Now think about what is happening in the US and in particular with droughts in California, flooding in the Midwest, and ice storms on the Eastcoast.

To my mind, there is no doubt these temperature and weather anomalies are completely controlled.  The only real question is “who benefits” from these disasters as they unfold and afterward.  Once that is known it opens up the possibility of a wide range of possible agendas.  Yet in the end, does it matter?  Only if people are willing to stand up to the architects of these crimes does it matter.  At this point, however, no one knows about it, or denies it to the point that it seems clear that very few are going to stand up to anything regarding this well documented and proven issue.

So it doesn’t really matter to you or me….average people just trying to survive day to day.  Most are too afraid to even talk about it with their own families.  All we can do is try to tell people (who aren’t listening) about it and then try to protect ourselves and our families the best we can from where we are standing on the ground.  And to do this, I encourage you to do as much research as possible as there is a LOT of information and a lot to consider regarding how weather modification is and will be affecting you and everyone you know.

Here are some of the broad things I have come up with in my research on the matter.

  • The Air is toxic.  Some are weather modification related but some contain biological materials.
  • Because the air is laden with heavy metals like nano aluminum, the water must also contain the same substances.
  • There is a lot of evidence to show that microwave frequencies affect human health and today with ever more powerful cell towers going up all the time, some say there is a cancer time bomb about to go off on children living with and using cell phones today.  This does not include the frequencies of Ionospheric heaters as they act to manipulate the temperature of the atmosphere in conjunction with the conductive heavy metal spray from aircraft that are constantly buzzing around these days.
  • The effect of the manipulation of the earth’s atmosphere and complicated by global warming, UV levels are at way past alarming but we are not being told about the degree to which it is coming through.  Also, we are being told it is due to global warming alone, but that is not true.  Global warming certainly has had some effect on the UV levels, but not nearly as much as the Geoengineering according to some.
  • If all of the above is indeed happening, the life support system of the earth is doomed in the near term.  This means that the food chain will very likely be affected in some unpredictable way in the future.
  • It is important to note that with all these impending and unfolding disasters occurring, there is no reason for the power structure to want to prevent any of these things from occurring and in fact, they may be responsible for causing them since when they do occur even greater guaranteed profits can be made.  That is until it’s gone too far and it is too late.  At this point in my life I’m pretty sure that if the end of the world does come, there will be people making money until the very last second.
  • The study of Geoengineering can help to give you some idea of what will be happening.  There is predictive validity in becoming informed about the process of geoengineering, the likely and possible dangers that you face in your particular region.  For example, you will know that drought will likely continue in the West – California and British Columbia.  Floods and storms will continue East of there and into the Mid West.  Countries opposed to US bases on their land will experience Typhoons and flooding like the Philippines.

In this website, I want to share anything I can find to help as many people as possible survive any catastrophes that they may face as individuals.  I want to share anything I discover about things you can do to help protect you from toxins in the air, water, food, as well as any other dangers that could be coming and are in fact here in a disaster economy.  But having said that there are some things like Solar Radiation Management that there will be NO surviving in the end.  There will be some things that may help us to stay a little healthier a little longer like air filters and ways to escape the harmful rays of the sun which I will talk about a lot, but the best way to ensure safety in the future is to become aware and sound the alarm with everyone you know about the causes of the dangers we now face.  Nothing short of massive social movements are going to stop what is looming for everyone on the earth.

Dementia is Now the Leading Cause of Death in the UK

So much has to do with exposing the way the system is working to make it so that those at the reins of power benefit from continuing down the path they are traveling.  This is true for every country and every leader in the world.  Become aware with solid provable research, there is a lot out there, this is not conspiracy, and act to inform others while at the same time take care of yourself so you can continue to act.

To get an idea of what I mean, here is an example.  Presently there is a chemical soup raining down on us all the time.  Just one of these elements is nano aluminum in massive quantities.  The aluminum, a known cause of Alziemers is eating holes in everyone’s brains like Swiss cheese.  It’s to the point where the BBC claims Dementia and Alziemers is now the leading cause of death in England and Wales.

And in that article, there is a link to another about what to do to battle this problem….I won’t say that some of the things they suggest like cognitive training and exercise might be helpful but there is suspiciously no mention of the air we are breathing and the water we are drinking or the food we are ingesting.

We are all running out of time to save the earth but one could argue we are in a race against time to act before we lose the ability to think effectively.  If you look around, you can see that for many it is already too late.

Aluminum exposure is also linked to Autism in children and a recent MIT study has claimed that by 2025 50% of all children will be afflicted with autism.  Yet they are blaming Glyphosate which is a Monsanto herbicide (another undeniably worrying pollutant) with no mention of the possibility of aluminum as being a factor.

In addition:

Death from Respiratory Illness has gone from #8 to #3 in the US over the past few years according to the CDC.  Some suspect it is actually at #1 but the CDC is fixing the numbers.

But just as with “Global Warming”  or the generic “pollution”  as the cause, a debate is always going to be possible as to the exact causes of anything, the bottom line is you need to get as much personal protection from all “causes” of disease in the air and water.  That means getting the best air and water filters you can get.  It might be Global warming.  It might be pollution.  It might be pesticides and herbicides.  It might be radiation.  It might be Geoengineering or ‘chemtrails’.  But in the end, there is a lot of something the air and water and that is something that can’t be disputed.

In the near future, I am going to be recommending the best air and water purification methods I have found.  So keep an eye out for those articles as I link them here.  In the meantime, get informed and get ready.

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