Camping Stoves: The Emberlit Fireant, Titanium

Aside from considering weight for a camping stove, one of the most important things that needs to be considered is fuel.  In particular, the kinds of fuel the stove uses and it’s availability.

There are essentially three kinds of fuel for camping and survival:

1) Liquid

2) Solid

3) Wood

Of the three wood is probably going to be the most accessible if you bug out, but depending on the area where you live that may not necessarily be true.  Will you need to get to a specialty on a camping store on a Sunday to get the fancy cannister?  Or will the price of fuel get scarce if the grid goes down and you need it for survival?

For either of these considerations, I think the Emberlit Fireant gives choices.  If you are a regular reader you will know I’m a big fan of versatility and options.  When times are good and the gas is plentiful there is nothing like cooking with gas.

Camping Stoves: The Emberlit Fireant, Titanium

The Emberlit Fireant

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Price: $56.33


If you have an alcohol burner you can place that on the platform and the Emberlit provides a stable base plus a nice wind guard.  The same is true if you have a solid fuel source.  But if fuel is unavailable or you run out, you can use twigs and small pieces of wood in the Emberlit without having to start a full-on fire.  These days with the forest so dry all the time, it could be that the traditional camping fire will be going extinct very soon.

Camping Stoves: The Emberlit Fireant, Titanium
Titanium alcohol burner that could be used on the Emberlit Fireant platform

The Evernew Titanium Alcohol Burner

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Price: $32.75

Camping Stoves: The Emberlit Fireant, Titanium
Emberlit Fireant with plate for use with liquid or solid fuels

Being Titanium it weighs only 2.8 ounces.   Perfect for the long haul in a bug out bag and without the absolute need to pack flammable materials in your pack.

Camping Stoves: The Emberlit Fireant, Titanium
The Emberlit Fireant is lightweight and folds down flat

Of course, there is something to be said for stoves with gas under pressure when camping and I will be covering those in another article but the compactness and fold down capacity of the Emberlit makes a perfect emergency stove to have ready to go in your bug out bag.

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  1. I liked reading your article, It also brought back memories of the stove we got with our field rations in the army (they came with hexamine blocks) but I think in a pinch we could have used twigs, I also liked your suggestion of the alcohol burner being a good addition, again well done and informative

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